Why Did We Make ‘Broker Speedtest’?
At AlgoTest, we aim for transparency with our customers, which is why we created the Broker Speedtest. It’s designed to clear up common misconceptions about broker API speeds:
  • Misconception #1 Speed is crucial for API trading for retail traders.
  • Misconception #2 The fastest broker is the best broker.
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What is the Broker Speedtest?

Broker Speedtest is a tool developed by AlgoTest that allows traders to compare broker API latencies in real-time. It provides transparency and helps dispel misconceptions about broker API speeds.

Why should I compare broker API speeds?

Comparing broker API speeds helps you understand the performance and reliability of different brokers. This is crucial for making informed decisions, especially in latency sensitive trading environments where milliseconds can matter.

Does a faster API speed always mean a better broker?

No, speed is just one factor. The fastest broker is not always the best. Other factors such as reliability, stability, and the overall performance of the broker should also be considered.

How often is the data on Broker Speedtest updated?

The data on Broker Speedtest is updated every 15 minutes, allowing you to observe how brokers are faring throughout the trading day.

Can Broker Speedtest be used as a health check for my broker’s API?

Yes, Broker Speedtest can be used as a real-time health check. If you’re using a broker’s API, head over to openbroker.in to check if the broker’s API response time is well-behaved.

What should I do if I notice discrepancies in API performance?

If you notice discrepancies in API performance, you can use the third-party independent data provided by Broker Speedtest to collate with your own data. This helps determine if issues are stemming from your code or the broker’s end.

Is the difference in milliseconds significant for retail traders?

For most retail traders, the difference in milliseconds is not significant. The key is to ensure that the broker’s API is reliable and consistent.

Why did AlgoTest create Broker Speedtest?

AlgoTest created Broker Speedtest to provide transparency and help retail traders make informed decisions. It addresses misconceptions about broker API speeds and promotes a clearer understanding of broker performance.

Which broker is better than Zerodha?

The suitability of a broker depends on specific trading needs. While Zerodha is popular for its reliable tech, other brokers like Fyers and Upstox might offer better API speeds or additional features. Use Broker Speedtest to compare their API performances.

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